MVH Hunter Paces


Hunter paces are a great, lightly competetive way to get out during non-hunting season. Each pace is basically a set trail ride through our hunting fixtures.

Ove the course of the 4-7 mile ride riders will cross a variety of terrain including woods, hills, open fields, and creek crossings.  There are a number of jumps and pbstacles throughout the course, but all are completely optional.


Western and English tack welcome!


Minors must have a signed liability form to ride.


Chase: (for members only) Fastest rider through the course wins

Hunter Pace: Mostly trot and canter

Moderate Pace:  Mostly trot with some walk 

Hilltopper Pace:  Mostly walk with some trot




2017 Hunter Pace/Show Schedule

June 24: Spring Hill Pace

July 15: Infirmary Mound Pace

Aug. 12: Timber Run Pace

Sept 9: Longhill Pace

Oct 7: Crosswinds Halloween Beth Pisto Memorial Pace

See Rocky Fork Headley Hunt's webpage for more info and liability waivers