MVH Hunter Paces


MVH hunter paces are a great, lightly competitive trail ride that simulates riding to the hounds. Over the course of the event riders will cross a variety of terrain including woods, hills, open fields, and creek crossings.  There are a number of jumps and obstacles throughout the course, but all are completely optional. Western and English tack welcome!

Ribbons for teams in 1st - 6th place.  Series Championship ribbons awarded after the completion of the Labor Day Pace.


Huntsman’s Pace: Approx. 10 mph, fast.

To be ridden in groups of 2-3. 

First Field: Approx. 7 mph, medium. 

To be ridden in groups of 2-3

Hill Topper: Approx. 4 mph, leisurely.

To be ridden in groups of 2-3. 


Covid Considerations:

  • In order to continue to keep everyone healthy and happy, please wear a mask when not on your horse. Take care to stay with your group and try to maintain social distancing.

  • All forms and payment can be completed the day of the event.  For a more contact-free entry, forms and payment options are also available here in the buttons  to the left

  • Forms can be printed and brought to the event, or emailed ONE WEEK PRIOR

Directions to Thornhill: Thornhill Farm, 513 N Ludlow Rd, Urbana OH 43078

BIG RIGS: If you have a trailer longer than a 3-horse slant, you cannot enter Thornhill from the south.  It is highly recommended that you approach the driveway from the NORTH as the angle is much easier than from the south.  If your path to Thornhill is form the east, south or west and you are approaching the driveway while heading north on Ludlow Rd, you can PASS the driveway and continue traveling approx. ¾ of a mile to the church on the right hand side of the road.   Use their parking lot to turn around and come on back!  There is also a subdivision just past the church that can also be used as a turn around.


Entry Fees & Payments:

$35 per rider 

$15 per rider for second rounds

Payments can be made with:

    cash, check, or Venmo the day of the event




2021 Hunter Pace/Show Schedule

May 31: Memorial Day Pace

July 4: Independence Day Pace

September 6: Labor Day Pace

Series Championship Ribbons will be awarded after the conclusion of the Labor Day Pace.