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History of the Miami Valley Hunt

History of Miami Valley Hunt


In August, 1959, Dr. Peter R. Coggins, a Virginia native who was temporarily assigned to the WPAFB 

Hospital, approached Phyllis F. (Hull) Heck and Jack D. Reeder and asked why there wasn’t a hunt in the 

Dayton, Ohio area.  Heck and Reeder called a meeting at Honey Hill, the Hull farm, and invited local 

residents Helen Sproat, Catherine Hosea (Hiker), Ginny and Herb Whalen, David Striley, Chester 

Nungaster, and Peter Coggins and Miami Valley Hunt was established in 1960.  Miami 

Valley Hunt applied for recognized status to the Masters of Foxhounds Association and recognition was 

granted on October 24, 1966. 


Founding Officers:


Phyllis Heck, Sr. MVH

Jack Reeder, MFH

Peter Coggins, MFH

Herb Whalen, Chair of Board of Governors

Ginny Whalen, Secretary/Treasurer

Helen Sproat, Whipper-In

Dave Spriley, Honorary Huntsman


Core Landowners:


Jack Reeder

Herby and Ginny Whalen

Oscar Schmidt

Dr. John Geiger

Jim Losh and Family




Elsie Mead

Max Comisar


The area SE of Dayton (Bellbrook and Spring Valley area) was established as the hunt’s fixture and later 

the Caesar Creek Reserve area and fixtures in Licking, Greene, Delaware, Preble and Ross counties were used over the years.  

Red fox, gray fox and coyote abound in the hunt country, which includes several 700 - 1,350 acre 

parcels of woods, meadows, flat agricultural fields, rolling hills and streams dotted with coops and 

natural fences.  


The original kennel was in Bellbrook, moved to the Whalen’s farm on Penewit Rd., then to Houston Rd in Roxanna and finally moved to its current location at Diedre & Erik Koik’s farm in Champaign County.   Miami Valley keeps 12 

½ crossbred couples of foxhounds.




Current Staff




(1960) Mrs. Jack H. Heck

(1995) LTC (Ret.) Carolyn Uecker

(1993) Mrs. Erik Koik (Diedre)

(2015) Mr. William H. Dreger

(2015) Mr. Timothy Miller


Hon. Sec


LTC (Ret.) Carolyn, Uecker, MFH

(Field Seceratary) Amy Miller


Field Masters

Amy Miller, Tim Miller, Carolyn Uecker




(Honorary):  LtC (Ret) Mike Uecker,  William Dreger,  Cynthia Bowers,  Devon Jacobs,  Jane Jacobs,  

Thomas Baumann,  Donna Masters, Mark Masters,  Carrie Hill



Former Masters


Jack Reeder, Tracy Bieser, Mike Hax, Roseanne Allen, Ruth Hax,  

LTC (Ret.) Michael Uecker, Jim Stainbrook


Former Whippers-in


Ms. Helen Sproat, Ms. Sally Cox, Ms. Allyson Louthan, Mr. Mike Hax, 

Ms. Bonnie Geiger, Mrs. Mike Terry (Samantha), Jim Stainbrook

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