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Events and Activities


The MVH sponsers several events and activities over the course of the year. The year is full of formal hunts, informal (fall hunting) season, hound walking, hunter paces and more!  Unmounted activities include going to shows, parties, and other fun occasions! Below are just some of the options.


Fox Hunts

MVH actually participates in "fox chasing," a sport in which our hounds chase the scent of coyotes and foxes over the countryside.  It is exciting to watch these talented hounds work the land in search of their prey. Riders go out in three groups, or "fields."  The first field follows closely behind the huntsman for a firsthand view of the hounds. Second field follows a little behind, often riding at a slightly slower pace.  Hilltoppers, or third field is non-jumping and tracks the hounds from a distance and ride at a slow pace. There is a field for everyone from walk/trot beginners to seasoned jumping veterans.

Hunter Paces

Hunter paces are a fun and exciting way to get out in non-hunting months.  Each pace is like a (lightly) competitive trail ride simulating the speeds of the different fields in a hunt.  Participants can choose to jump any and all jumps as well as pick a fast, medium, or slow pace.

Paces take place from the end of May through October and are sponsored by either MVH or our fellow Central Ohio hunt, Rocky Fork Headley Hunt. Click below for more info and schedule.

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Social Gatherings

From riding attire to evening wear, MVH puts on several social functions each year. In years past these have included:

-Annual Hunt Ball

-Cropper Party

-Puppy Auctions (names only!)

-Rolex Meet-Up

-And more!

Hound Walking

Hound walking takes place in the summer months.  During hound walking the Huntsman takes out a smaller number of hounds for exercise and to keep the hounds "biddable." 

Hound walking tends to be a slower pace than an actual hunt, but provides a great opportunity to acclimate your horse to the general feel of foxhunting.  For seasoned hunters it's a great time to really get to know your fixtures!


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